Representing The Handcarved Artwork of Orissa.

Applique Wall Hanging

  1. Religious Wall Hangings

    We are amongst the most prominent manufacturer and exporter of religious wall hangings in various religious patterns and colours. These are prepared using different material which can also be customized as per the customers mentioned requirements. These wall....

  2. Tribal Art Wall Hanging

    We welcome you in the world of traditional art work. We are the manufacturer and exporter of tribal art wall hanging which exhibits the tradition of tribal people. Our huge variety of hangings present the skills and expertise of our creative artisans.

  3. Other Wall Hanging

    Here patches of colored fabric are superposed on a basic fabric. The edges of the patches are sewn in a form of stitchery to give the art a decorative look. The basic material is cloth. In this art specially prepared motifs are used which have exclusively embroidery and mirror work done on it.

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